Coffee Shot! Wafflegato


Jubala’s “Wafflegato”

I recently paid a visit to my favorite coffee shop in Raleigh, NC – Jubala Village Coffee. They were celebrating their 3rd birthday that week by offering some very special menu items. On this particular day they were treating customers to free “Wafflegatos”. This is a twist on the traditional affogato (which means “drowned” in Italian). A typical affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In this case Jubala added a small piece of waffle to the mix to turn it into a “Wafflegato”.  The result was delicious. My only regret is this is not a regular menu item. I guess  I will need to learn to make these at home!

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Coffee Shot! The “One and One”

One and One

“One and One”

This week’s shot is a picture of what is known as the “One and One”. Believed to have been created by two guys at Santa Cruz-based Verve Coffee Roasters, a one and one showcases espresso with milk and without. A One and One is comprised of a single-shot espresso and a single-shot macchiatto or cappuccino served together. Typically the two are accompanied with a side of sparkling water. When served with a machiatto the one and one may be presented with the two demitasse cups balanced on a single saucer.

Often times this drink will not be listed on a coffee shops menu, but a quick inquiry with your favorite barista will usually result in a knowing nod and service of this secret menu item.


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Turnstile Coffee Roasters – Belmar, NJ

Turnstile Coffee 6

I grew up at the Jersey Shore and love going back to visit friends and family, but the one downside during previous trips home is I could never find a good coffee shop. The Jersey Shore is dominated by “big corporate” coffee like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Fortunately, last year when I went home for Christmas I discovered a new local coffee shop had opened up just a few miles from my parents in Belmar, NJ called Turnstile Coffee Roasters.

Turnstile Coffee 1

Turnstile is located on Highway 71 near just across the street from the Belmar Marina and several blocks inland from the beach. Unlike many coffee shops you find in beach communities turnstile doesn’t go the cliché route of trying to make their coffee bar a beach themed surfer style coffee shop. It instead has the classic “third wave” coffee shop look with wood floors and tables, leather couches, and nice warm lighting. The space inside is ample with plenty of tables and offers options for sitting in the back closer to the coffee roaster or along a along a large window providing natural lighting in the front of the shop.

Turnstile Coffee 3

They offer a full range of coffee and espresso drinks and have a small case of freshly made pastries sourced from a local bakery. Turnstile roasts their own coffee but they also use coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee out of Portland. During my visit they were using their own coffees for drips and pour overs and French presses while also using Stumptown’s Hairbender on the espresso bar. Since my last visit I heard a rumor that they sometimes also use Counter Culture Coffee but I have yet to confirm this and hope to find out during my next visit home.

Turnstile Coffee 4

Since my last visit I heard a rumor that they sometimes also use Counter Culture Coffee but I have yet to confirm this and hope to find out during my next visit home. I love how their coffee roaster is located right there in the shop. They were roasting coffee while I was there during my last visit and it was fun to sit at a nearby table sipping my cappuccino while witnessing the roasting and bagging process. On that particular day they were roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffee. I picked up a bag they had roasted the day before for $14 and found it to be quite good.

Turnstile Coffee 2

The cappuccino and pastries I had were quite good and I was pleased to see that the Jersey shore now has a coffee shop I can look forward to hanging out at on my visits home. It appears that the shop has been well received by the community and has already collected a host of regulars. The one thing I hope they will reconsider at Turnstile are their hours of operation. Right now they are only open from 8am to 3p. I’d love to see them stay open a little later for those looking to spend a quiet evening enjoying a coffee with friends.

Turnstile Coffee 5

I am thrilled to see this third wave shop thrive in my hometown and offer residents a quality coffee option and alternative to the big chains. If you ever find yourself staying in Belmar during a trip to the Jersey shore I highly recommend a visit to Turnstile Coffee.

Turnstile Coffee Roasters
1607 Highway 71
Belmar, New Jersey 07719 (Map)

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Austin Roasting Company – Tres Fincas de Anza

Austin Roasting Co

Austin Roasting Co. ~ Colombia Tres Fincas de Anza

This week I am drinking the Tres Fincas de Anza from Austin Roasting Company. This is a Colombian coffee blend made of a mix of beans from three neighbouring farms in the Anza region of Colombia: Finca El Champu, Finca La Hermosa and Finca El Choto.

Brew Methods
When it comes to Colombian coffee I almost always prepare it by traditional drip our pour-over. I just feel like the results come out better that way when I deal with beans from this region. Colombian coffees are a little too bright for my personal tastes when it comes to espresso so I did not attempt to pull shots and prepare any espresso drinks  with this review. I did experiment with my grind size over a number of days and settled in on #24 on the Baratza Preciso Grinder dial.

My thoughts about this coffee
This washed and sun dried Colombian coffee is surprisingly slightly sweet. It is a multi-layered coffee with walnut and tangerine notes that I found transitioned to hints of chocolate and nutmeg as the coffee cooled. These nutty and light chocolate notes combined with complementary hints of citrus made for great iced drinks. I usually brewed up 16 oz of coffee each morning. I’d enjoy one 8 oz mug hot with breakfast and then cool the rest in the refrigerator and retrieve it in the afternoon to enjoy over ice with a splash of organic milk. Although I didn’t get a chance to try,  I think this bean would be a good candidate for a cold brew coffee as well. All in all this Tres Finca de Anza makes for a solid coffee you can easily enjoy each day and it is quickly becoming a morning favorite of mine.

About Austin Roasting Company
Austin Roasting Company is a family owned and operated business that roasts single origin, organically farmed, and fair trade coffee in small batches at their local facility in Austin Texas.

720 US Highway 183 South
Suite #301
Austin Texas 78741
twitter: @austinroco

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Enderly Coffee – Guatemala Epseranza La Finca

Enderly Coffee Company

Enderly Coffee Co. ~ Charlotte, NC
image courtesy Enderly

I love reviewing locally roasted coffees and micro roasters located right here in North Carolina. I particularly enjoy connecting with small batch roasters who are unique in their passion and creativity with their coffee. This week I share my review of Enderly Coffee Company. A small roaster out of Charlotte, NC that embodies both of those characteristics by supplying high quality direct trade coffee while giving back to their community.

Enderly Coffee

Enderly Coffee Co. Guatemala Finca La Esperanza

Established in 2012, Enderly Coffee is a labor of love for teachers and co-owners Becky and Tony Santoro. Named for the couple’s west-side neighborhood, Enderly Coffee roasts beans in small batches every day and donates a portion of its proceeds to community development through They use direct-trade Guatemalan coffee beans are sourced from a small family owned farm. Their coffee can be ordered through their online store by the bag (12 oz.) or by the jar. Jars come in both 12 0z. and a smaller 3 oz size that make for great gifts or wedding favors. They also offer a coffee subscription service that give you the flexibility of selecting how frequently you want the coffee delivered.
enderly coffee 2

Enderly Coffee Pour Over

Enderly Coffee – Guatemala Finca La Esperanza
I tend to favor Guatemalan coffee so I was looking forward to sampling this Finca La Esperanza from Enderly. As usual I prepared the coffee a number of ways including pour over, press pot, traditional drip and I even pulled a few espresso shots. This particular roast was slightly darker than other Guatemalan coffees I have tried and I like the new dynaminc it introduced. I found it made for a medium bodied yet bright cup full of character with a unique flavor profile. I detected hints of strawberry, dark chocolate, caramel, honey, and brown sugar sweetness. The coffee was wonderful both hot and iced and it made for a flavorful espresso shot that melded well with frothed organic milk for a smooth well rounded cappuccino. This is a versatile coffee and I highly recommend it to fans of beans from Central America who enjoy preparing coffee a number of different ways.

While opening a coffee shop is in the plans for Enderly, for now owners Becky and Tony are focused on their online shipping business and coffee catering at weddings. To learn more about Enderly and order their coffee, visit the Enderly Coffee online store.

Enderly Coffee
Enderly Park, Charlotte, NC 28208
twitter: @enderlycoffeeco

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Red Rooster Coffee Company – Wake Forest, NC

Red Rooster Coffee Wake Forest 3

Red Rooster Coffee Co. Espresso

A few years ago I came across  Red Rooster Coffee Company selling their coffee beans at a farmer’s market in North Raleigh. When I inquired about their coffee I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were a local micro roaster operating out Wake Forest, NC. I enjoyed their coffee back then, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it in a while until recently after noticing their coffee being used in  local shops around the Triangle. I thought I would revisit this coffee and today I share my thoughts about their signature espresso blend.

Red Rooster Coffee Wake Forest 1

Preparing my Espresso Shot

I received a fresh 1 lb bag of their coffee delivered straight to my door by the roaster. I only live a few miles away and they offer free delivery to Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville and even Durham and Chapel (delivery to Durham & Chapel Hill on Fridays only).

Brew Methods
I usually leave drinking espresso for when I am out at my favorite local shops because they do it so well and I have yet to invest in a serious epresso maker at home. However, I was looking forward to experimenting with this bean and improve my home espresso skills in the process. I ground the Red Rooster espresso using a #10 (fine) setting on my Baratza Preciso grinder. I used 18 grams of coffee and pulled shots in about 30 seconds using my Krups Espresso maker resulting in a 31 gram shot.

Red Rooster Coffee Wake Forest 4

Affogato with Red Rooster Espresso

My thoughts about the Coffee
This is a proprietary espresso blend so I don’t have specifics about it’s origin, but the strong chocolate notes make me suspect it is some combination of beans from Africa.   It is a darker roast resulting in a classic toasted nut (walnuts and almonds) and dark chocolate flavors that are complimented very well when accompanied by frothed whole milk for a cappuccino or latte.

Fruit notes were also prominent in this strong bodied espresso. I  noticed traces of blueberry and red raspberry notes as the espresso cooled. These hints of fruit enhanced my enjoyment of this particular espresso as the combination of dark chocolate, raspberry and milk is something I truly love.

As a special treat I experiment several times using the Red Rooster Espresso to make affogatos at home. My recipe called for one scoop of vanilla Haagan-Dazs ice cream with a single shot of espresso poured over it in a small bowl. The result was a velvety smooth ice cream treat with just the right balance of cream, dark chocolate and tartness. I was extremely pleased with the results.

Where can you find Red Rooster?
Red rooster is a micro roaster that sells their coffee online out of Wake Forest. To view their current offerings and order a bag of their coffee visit Red Rooster Coffee Co. Use can also find their beans for sale in local shops like The Lemon Tree in Wake Forest, the Black Cat Cafe in North Hills and Market Street Coffee & Ice Cream in Chapel Hill, Durham & Carrboro.

Red Rooster Coffee Company
Wake Forest, NC

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2014 Big Eastern Barista & Brewers Cup Recap – Durham, NC

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

Steph Caronna of La Farm Bakery in Cary, NC Presents to the Judges

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attended my very first coffee competition. Coffee professionals from all over the east coast met in Durham, North Carolina to compete in the weekend long “Big Eastern” Barista and Brewers Cup regional championships. The event was held in a renovated textile mill in downtown Durham called The “Cotton Room” where for three days competitors put their skills to the test in their quest to win the regional championship.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

The Cotton Room – Durham, NC

The field of talented competitors was vast. There were a total of 44 entries in the barista competition and 33 participants in the brewers cup. Winners were selected for both the northeast and southeast regions. Along with bragging rights, the winners were awarded a slew of cool coffee gear and more importantly earned a shot to compete in the upcoming national barista and brewers cup competition to be held in Seattle this April.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

Miles Murray of Carrboro Coffee Competes in the Brewers Cup

The Brewers Cup portion of the competition has a more traditional feel as it celebrates the fine art of manual coffee brewing. Competitors are judged in two rounds by a panel of three coffee judges. Round one is a blind tasting with all of the competitors brewing the same coffee on their chosen manual deceives. I saw a few use an AeroPress but most tended use the classic pour over method using vario or bonmac cones. Those who advance to the second round brew and present their own chosen coffee to the judges’ panel on the second day of the competition, where they are judged not only on the coffee but their presentation.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

Jonathan Bonchak – 2014 South East Brewers Cup Champion

In the end 1st place in the South Eastern Brewers Cup Championship went to local favorite Jonathan Bonchak of Counter Culture Coffee in Durham. The Northeastern Brewers Cup Championshio going to Todd Carmichael of La Colombe Torrefaction in Philadelphia, PA. You can view the full results of the 2014 Big Eastern Brewers Cup Championship here.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

Tim Jones of Jubala Village Coffee in Raleigh Presents to the Judges

The Barista Competition is organized a little differently from the brewers cup and focuses specifically on espresso drinks.  In this competition baristas give a 15-minute presentation in which they prepare and serve three courses of espresso based beverages to a panel of four sensory judges, two technical judges and one head judge. The three courses encompass: serving four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four  signature drinks. A signature beverage is a highly innovative, freestyle espresso-based beverage created by the barista for the competition.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

Camila Ramos – 2014 South East Barista Champion

Camila Ramos of Panther Coffee in Miami, FL earned the top spot in the South Eastern Barista Championship. Raleigh’s own Tim Jones of Jubala Village Coffee did the hometown area proud earning 4th place in his very first competition. J. Park Brannen of Counter Culture Coffee in New York, NY took top honors for the North Eastern region. You can view the full results of the 2014 Big Eastern Barista Championship here.

Big Eastern Regional Barista & Brewers Cup

2013 US Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy (right) of Counter Culture Coffee

I had an absolute blast watching the competition and cheering on some of the local favorites like my friends from Jubala Village Coffee and Sola Coffee in Raleigh. I was also thrilled to see Jonathan Bonchak of Counter Culture Coffee in Durham win back to back brewers cup championships. It was exciting to see the Triangle’s Local coffee culture play host to this regional event and I look forward to following the outcome of the years remaining events.

To learn more about the upcoming competitions visit the US Coffee Championships website. You can also visit my flickr photo album to view my entire collection of photos from the Big Eastern event in Durham.


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