Coffee Shot! Buziraguhindwa, Burundi Pour Over

photo (21)

Burundi-Buziraguhindwa pour over at Sola Coffee – Raleigh, NC

I love taking candid pictures of the activity going on around me when I hang out in coffee shops. I plan to share these random shots here as my weekly “Coffee Shot”.  This week’s shot was taken this morning while I was hanging out by the brew bar at Sola Coffee & Cafe’ in Raleigh, NC. The Barista was sampling a coffee from the Buziraguhindwa, Burundi (East Africa), and roasted by Counter Culture Coffee of Durham. Brewing method of choice was the pour over method with a four minute extraction time.  The result was a delicious, light, fruity (hints of orange & cranberry) coffee with a nice clean finish. Can’t wait to try more it soon.

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